"I realize more and more what it takes to be a really good photographer.

You go in over your head, not just up to your neck."

- Dorothea Lange *

About Jody:

Jody Warner is a Chicago based photojournalist. Jody first became passionate about photography after publishing a single image more than 25 years ago. Film or digital, Jody is a professional photojournalist that can handle any assignment any where in the world. He has an undergraduate degree from Eastern Kentucky University and has studied photojournalism at Columbia College Chicago.

He currently shoots freelance for newspapers in Chicago and sends area news images to the Assciated Press.

He is currently working in:

—via Lightstalkers

Chicago based DJ Clayton Hauck, April, 2008.

Contact Jody:

Jody is available for a wide range of assignments. He is within 2 hours of one of the largest and busiest airports in the world - Chicago's O'Hare. He has mobile access to phone and email at all times.

Contact him by:

Sending an email

Or +1-773-852-1512

Chicago, IL, USA.


Chicago War Protest, March 19, 2008.

About TheVisualTruth.com and the Blog/Journal:

To Whomever asks about this site:

If you've had the opportunity to view the blog/journal you'll quickly notice the page header that states: "Finding truth in photojournalism without gross misuse of Photoshop. Images that stir the soul and maybe even change lives. Here you'll see the photojournalism of Jody Warner." In a nutshell, that's it.

Images appear in editorial publications day after day which are grossly over-manipulated by Photoshop or other image editing mediums. It is my hope that this site and the blog can be an additional beacon for those of us that want to make it in the photojournalism business honestly, without cheating. Like organizers of the Tour De' France and their quest to rid their prestigious race of performance enhancing drugs, I too strive for photojournalistic clarity, honesty and truth. That also might explain why this site is named TheVisualTruth.com instead of being Jody Warner dot whatever-I-could-get.

I follow the code of ethics of the National Press Photographers Association.

Respectfully signed,

Jody Warner



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