"[All photographers have to do, is]

...find and catch the story-telling moment."

- Alfred Eisenstaedt *

U.S. Coast Guard - Station Wilmette Harbor

August 2008 - On August 16 Chicago held it's annual air and water show. I accompanied one of the Coast Guard protector class boat crews charged with securing the performance area and protecting the many boaters. These dedicated Petty Officers are armed to the teeth and take their job very seriously. Here's a look at eight hours of it

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Flying Badgers - no fear

June 2008 - On June 21 several student from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) decided to go skydiving, many of them for the first time. All were in their early twenties and were seemingly afraid of nothing. They allowed me to photograph thier experience and the euphoria at Skydive Chicago in Ottowa, Ill.

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Will Whedbee - making beautiful music

March 2008 - Will Whedbee has been making fine string instruments for more than 30 years. His instruments are sought after throughout the world and are exclusively sold in one place - Bein & Fushi, Chicago, IL. Whedbee allowed me to photograph him in his studio to see how he creates the magic that many string musicians search for.

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Dangerous Business

April 2008 - Professional bull riding in the U.S. has become a multi-million dollar sport that travels in nine tractor trailers and even has its own medical staff. On April 26 & 27, 2007 the PBR bull riding tour came to Chicago and put on a show reminiscent of NASCAR, professional wrestling and a rodeo all rolled up into one big spectacle.

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The 2008 Annual Chicago Polar Plunge

March 2008 - Every winter in Chicago over 1000 people run headlong into the freezing waters of Lake Michigan - on purpose! They all say that it's great fun and there's no doubt that it's for a great cause, the Special Olympics. On March 2, over 1200 people participated and raise more than $200,000 for their cause.

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Four Cylinder, Enduro Class Racing

November 2007 - What do you do when you've got a need for speed and not much money? You get yourself an inexpensive four cylinder car, strip it down and go racing at the Kalamazoo Speedway in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The speedway crams over 150 cars onto a small, three-eighths mile, NASCAR certified track and let the race begin!

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